Lyn Hartness

  • Gender: Female
  • Born on: October 14
  • Workplace: Retired
  • College: Cisco
  • High School: Jim Ned
  • Relationship: Single

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  • Lyn Hartness
    I guess I’ll have to find a 12 year old to help me fix my profile picture. I’m really not advertising my belly. ?? Spending an hour on this is way too long trying to stretch that little square to line up picture of my face. Maybe I need a degree in graphic design. ??‍♀️
  • Lyn Hartness
    I hope my fellow Patriots are having a great week!
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  • Lyn Hartness

    What we are witnessing today is the escalation of this process which Nixon put into full swing by taking the Rothschild Family Owned Federal Reserve off the remaining 50% Gold Standard it was on at that time. The Rothschild Family and their Illuminati Secret Society have been recruiting and buying Politicians and putting bought people into place for over 100 years to destroy America from within. The Rothschild Family Owned American Federal Reserve has been kicked out of the US 3 times, the last...  more
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  • Lyn Hartness
    This is part of a conversation from my friend to someone that a little confused.

    You also have to understand what Cruz is thinking. He KNOWS, as those of us who have studied the Republican Party and how they operate, that the last man standing behind their last Presidential Nominee will be their NEXT Presidential Nominee. McCain was Bush's runner up, the next Nominee, Romney was McCain's runner up, the next Nominee so Cruz being Trump's runner up should be the next Nominee. If you're wonderin...  more
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  • Lyn Hartness
    Please don’t get offended if I don’t respond. ? I’m so used to fb and find this platform a little difficult to navigate.
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  • Lyn Hartness
    Oh how I miss my horses…
  • Lyn Hartness
    Don't Let Progressives Control the
    Language of the National Debate

    By Andrew W. Coy
    American Thinker
    March 1, 2021

    When two opposing forces are locked in battle, it is of the utmost importance not to let one side be the decider of the rules of engagement. It is a crucial error to let one side decide what weapons are used, what land is fought over, and what language is used. It is an obvious error to allow one's enemy to decide the language. On this point, Patriots (conservatives/constitutio...  more
  • Lyn Hartness
    It says I have messages. When I click on messages to answer them, it’s telling me I need to log in. ?
    I’m logged in... I actually never log out. So...please know I’m not ignoring anyone’s messages, I’m just not able to answer any. ?
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  • Lyn Hartness
    I’m giving this up for today. Too frustrating! It says I have messages but when I click on it, it just shows all the people I’ve chatted with & I’m not having any luck finding out the current messages.
  • Lyn Hartness
    Well I’m having a difficult time answering messages on here. Lol, I’m not ignoring anyone, it’s just not user friendly yet. Lol
    Do we have an option for avatars or emoji’s?? I wish we could slide them over from Facebook ?
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