2020 End of Year Message from the Founders

What a year 2020 has been right?  One for the history books.


With that said our mission remains clear for SoliKick - Bring people together without the nonsense of fact checkers and censorship. In our very short time in existence we have made leaps and bounds to bring you the community and social experience you see.  Everyday our development team is working to keep servers stable, optimize databases, and make tweaks to the web and app platforms.  We do this as a “side gig” and in our free time from our normal day to day jobs as Police Officers, Network Admins, and Airline pilots. (Strange mix we are huh!?) And we do it for everyone and the rights instilled to humans.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Launched Solikick September 2020
  • Nearly 10,000 active users
  • Launched both iOS and Android Apps to App Store and Play Store
  • New look and feel for web and mobile browser for a unique experience
  • New landing page for main website to highlight features
  • Over 2000+ daily activities (posts, comments, act) on the website and iOS/Android Apps
  • Formed SoliMedia LLC as the parent company for SoliKick and all future endeavors
  • Over $1000 IN DONATIONS from 26 community members like you to help development and new features
Upcoming for 2021:
  • About to launch the ONLY non tech giant live streaming platform available and totally censorship free!
  • Major user experience changes to the interface
  • Fixing many "small" bugs being worked on such as editing posts and comments
  • Major overhaul of the permissions system to allow the user more control to share or hide whatever they wish
  • So many more new things to list and will be announced soon!
We have said it a million times, and we will say it a million more - We cannot build this community without each and everyone of you and your friends.  Please continue inviting, sharing, and spreading the word.  Unfortunately - It seems big brother FaceBook has shadow banned the keywords of SoliKick and seems to be censoring the word and links.  You can still share - it just may not get out to as many people as we wish.  We do have an advertising campaign planned with better reach but that is planned for after the Live Streaming launch.

Keep it up, Enjoy the community, and COME KICK IT WITH US!

A VERY Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year!

Ryan, Teggun, Hakol, Jon

Posted in Founders Messages on December 22 2020 at 12:56 PM

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