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  • Bob Menucci
    December 6 2021
    “Certainly, we need leaders, but we must regard them as the human agent of the Higher Power and not with undue adulation as individuals.”

    AA Co-Founder, Dr. Bob, September 1948, “The Fundamentals in Retrospect”, The Best of the Grapevine, Volume 2
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for December 5 2021
    “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”

    “Heard at Meetings,” Tukwila, Washington, July 2005, AA Grapevine
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for December 4 2021
    “Some of us take a long time to ‘come to’ before we can ‘come to believe’ that there is any hope for us.”

    “My Name Is Gary and I’m a Human Being,” Nanaimo, British Columbia, February 2003, Spiritual Awakenings
  • Bob Menucci
    December 3 2021
    “No matter how truthful the words of my message, there could be no deep communication if what I said and did was colored by pride, arrogance, intolerance, resentment, imprudence, or desire for personal acclaim -- even though I was largely unconscious of these attitudes.”

    AA Co-Founder, Bill W., July 1960, “The Language of the Heart”, The Language of the Heart
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for December 2 2021
    “Only the sharing of despair can bring us ... illumination.”

    “The Sense of Sobriety,” Pleasantville, New York, August 1959, Spiritual Awakenings
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for December 1 2021
    “I sabotage myself if I attach my sobriety to people, places, or things.”

    “It’s Always Dark at the Beginning,” Carbondale, Illinois, August 1988, Spiritual Awakenings
  • Bob Menucci
    November 29 2021
    “I began to find ... a more centered, purposeful life, at least in the sense that my body, mind, emotions, and soul were all more or less heading in the same direction. I was riding one horse instead of four.”

    “Stepping Into the Sunlight,” La Canada, California, November 1989, Spiritual Awakenings
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for November 28 2021
    “Difficult times bring us to new degrees of acceptance and humility because we learn on a deeper level how close we really are to our next drink. If we hang on, we learn how the grace of the Fellowship and the principles of the program carry us through the tough spots as well as the times of joy.”

    “The Bottom of the Glass,” Providence, Rhode Island, March 2009, Voices of Long-Term Sobriety
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for November 27 2021
    “Recovery is giving it away. If you don’t give it away you can’t have it ... Be part of the pipeline.”

    “Oh God, You Again?” Greenwich Village, New York, December 1997, I Am Responsible: The Hand of AA
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for November 26 2021
    “To be happily sober, we must be active -- and this does not necessarily mean group activity. The Loner is part of a much larger group of people in far distant places, all members of AA with the same problems, fears, and happiness to be shared ... I may not be in face-to-face contact with other AA members, but my real friends in AA are too many to enumerate, and I find there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all I should.”

    “Alone? Not This L...  more
  • Bob Menucci
    AA Grapevine's "Daily Quote" for November 25 2021
    “I was amazed at the things I was grateful for: those painful situations that served to show me my character defects; the ability to accept and share my pain with others; the opportunities to do things I was afraid to do which gave me strength and confidence.”

    “Working Incognito,” State College, Pennsylvania, April 1994, Spiritual Awakenings