• Knives Craft
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      We are in this beautiful ART from 30+ years. It's like a religion to us. We are based in California, USA. We use best Materials Shipping Worldwide
    • SilverGoldWealth
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      This group is for those who want to protect their wealth. Learn how to exchange assets from fiat (Dollars) to Gold & SIlver.
    • Texas License to Carry and NRA Firearms Instructors
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      This site is for Instructors that are dedicated to teaching our Posterity how to defend this great nation from Enemies Foreign and Domestic.  This group is not for braggarts and gun bigots.   I...
    • Suzy McCracken Photography
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      Hi! I’m a pet photographer in Edmond, Oklahoma! I love all animals, but my main focus is on dogs. Enjoy the photos!
    • Drivers For Entertainer
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      Drivers For Entertainer is open to anyone who drives for or has driven for a Entertainer, Gospel Group, Bluegrass Group or any musicial group.
    • Wedding Services
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      A group for those of us in the wedding industry.
    • The Tango Times Dance Company
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      Oscar Caballero and Roxana Garber - Argentine Tango and Folk Dancers and Teachers. Creators of THE TANGO TIMES DANCE COMPANY in Miami, FL   Ph.: (786) 708-1402
    • The Blue Line of Panther City
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      This page is for active or retaired Fort Worth Officers. Please be prepared to show proof. If you add a friend or if you want to be added, then message me with your info. 
    • Reloading Central
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      This is a reloading page. The purpose is to help and share information with others. This page is not a substitute for the reloading manuals 
    • Drone Photography / Drone Enthusiasts
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      If you are a drone enthusiast, have your own business, or just want to talk drone photography and show off your pics. This place is for you.