• Dead American Patriot Society
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      To honor our founding fathers and all those who sacrificed everything to make this the greatest nation on Earth
    • Nation in Crisis
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      National news, politics, liberty oriented
    • Conservative Jewish Patriots
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      All other religions seem to be represented on here. Here is a place for fellow Jews to communicate.
    • Florida Republicans
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      Opinions welcome, disrespect for others is not.  This group is about Respect and the protection of the United States of America Constitution.  
    • Tere Dunlap Republicans. AKA Patriot Republicans
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      We don't follow Donald Trump...  We ARE Donald Trump. We just made him our voice and representative ... you know, like in a Republic government.  (Originally created in 2010 in FB, to keep...
    • Keeping Tabs On Government - KTOGNEWS
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      KTOG: Keeping Tabs on Government - elected officials and non-elected bureaucrats. Some things just never make the headlines. 
    • Political posts
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      Political posts and such I find interesting
    • The Gloves Are Off Political Debates
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      A group to debate politics and Conservative Political concerns...
    • Trump Is My President !
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      Trump Supporters
    • California Conservatives and Friends
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      I created this group for California conservatives and our friends. You are welcome to join even if you don't live in CA; most content is applicable to all of us. CA specific content should be...