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  • Roll Call Security & Communications
  • Sole Proprietor
  • 1604 East Avenue J, Lampasas, TX, USA
  • 1 844 409 3502
  • DUNS # 080605425
    We are team Roll Call!
    Based out of Lampasas, TX in the mouth of the Texas hill country, we are an innovative company with the mission of bringing all of the creature comforts of living in a big metropolitan city, to the historic and beautiful rural hill countryside. Just because you live or do business here in the hill country doesn't mean you should have to suffer the substandard services that have plagued this area for so long. We are here to help you with everything from home internet, quality TV to enterprise professional services. Why you ask? Well, we live where you live. The team was built around military and Texas heritage, and as veterans we know what it means to serve, so let us serve you.
    Our corporations are being attacked. As a result, the strategy for securing their most sensitive information must be as thorough and relentless as the adversary’s pursuit of it. We harness decades of training and experience to protect corporate networks from the inside.
    Roll-Call's leadership and technical teams are comprised of cybersecurity professionals who honed their craft securing DoD networks and communications. Along the way, they battled the same adversaries who represent the biggest threat to businesses and government agencies today—advanced, sophisticated nation-state cyber actors. This experience enables us to think like the adversary.
    Pioneers of the trade
    We are information security veterans, who over the course of many years have dealt with diverse types of sophisticated cyber adversaries and technical vulnerabilities. We’re trailblazers, breaking new ground with our unique approach focused on active adversary pursuit and tailored cyber operations.