The Best Ways to Farm Lost Ark Gold

The economy plays an extremely important role in any MMORPG game. In order to make their characters stronger, Lost Ark players also need to find a variety of effective ways to farm more Lost Ark Gold and other currencies.

1. Complete the task. As players begin their journey through the world of Akrasia, they will need to complete the storyline, and once done, they can receive some Gold Lost Ark as a reward. Additionally, performing side quests will also bring them Gold, which is small, but can be completed repeatedly to stack rewards. There is no way they can earn Lost Ark Gold other than completing the storyline and side quests until they reach level 50.

2. Ephonian Union. Players can exchange the Tokens of the Ephonian Union from merchants "Exchange of gold coins" located in any major city. There are three products with different values and contents. In each one, players receive varying amounts of gold, and have a chance to earn plates or an ingot. A light gold plate yields 100 gold when used, a heavy gold plate gives 1000 gold, and a gold bar gives 10,000 gold. Everyone will earn points as a reward for completing the daily and weekly missions of the Ephonian Confederation. If they can reach 70 points within a week, they can collect all the tokens of Ephonian Union. Depending on the level of the highest gear they have at the time, the number of Ephonian Union emblems changes. Note that after earning rewards from one character, players will not be able to earn rewards on other characters in your account.

3. Islands of Adventure. Adventure islands float every two hours between 11am and 11pm daily, and players can take advantage of this opportunity to earn Lost Ark Gold, although some unlucky ones will get nothing at all. The islands available during the day by Proceus' compass and the rewards for them do not change. Players can pick up a reward only once a day. The amount of gold received depends on their maximum equipment level.

The three methods described above are good for those who are new to Lost Ark. Players should not be in a hurry, and gradually grow smoothly, laying a solid foundation is the most important thing. Of course, there are some other methods that may also be very practical, and I will continue to announce more ways to farm Lost Ark Gold For Sale in the future. There is also an additional way that players can directly buy Lost Ark Gold at, which can get a lot of gold for only a small amount of money, and it is more worthwhile for people who have precious time.

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