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Over the years I’ve heard everyone is good at something.  All these years I’ve been waiting for my great skill to manifest itself.

During my working career, I was an excellent and loyal employee who always gave my best and helped others when I could, but I didn’t have an exceptional talent to speak of.  Now retired, I’ve been entertaining myself staying busy having fun. Several years ago, I gave up motorcycles, which were the love of my life and I needed different hobbies.  Living so close to the lake it made perfect sense to try kayaking. 

I started out small and cheap and as I became more comfortable and stronger, traded off three sit on top kayaks for my current three which are a little longer and faster.  It was always about speed with me.

Last summer my brother decided to trade his gas guzzling huge horse powered piece of Detroit steel for something more economical. I’ve loved Mazda Miatas so much I gush over them and whenever we see each other on the road, we all wave at our new best friend.  If I see one in a parking lot, I’ll park beside it. We are buddies instantly.  So, my brother must have heard what I was saying and decided to make a deal on one locally.  Unfortunately, they did a bait and switch and he called to tell me about it.  I told him to go to Mazda of Roswell where I’ve purchased six cars and am friends with a lot of their employees. I called the dealership….and my brother went home with a new car.

Just recently I’ve noticed a trend emerging. Last year I upgraded to my third sit on top kayak.  It was stable, 9.5’ long and a few pounds heavier. And I loved it.  Loved it so much when I let my neighbor “drive” it, she also loved it, but not enough to open her purse strings and get another boat.  She already had one that was perfectly good.  Hers did require two people to move it around and this was lighter.  I did some research and found one on the internet like mine.  I must have done a sell job on her, (or she just wanted me to shut up) but she finally went over to the seller, haggled a bit, and came home with the sister to my kayak.

In the meantime, I’d acquired a 10’ sit on top kayak which was 6” longer than the previous one.  My thinking was longer was faster, but I couldn’t feel the difference and went back to paddling my previous 9.5’ one.  It was great to have an extra kayak so someone could come and play on the water with me. 

A friend who’d also given up riding motorcycles, was intrigued with paddling and thought it might be pleasant to spend a little retirement time on the water.  I was ecstatic to have a buddy and waxed eloquent about the benefits of being in the fresh air and getting some exercise by paddling.  During this time, I was also getting stronger and was able to show him around some favorite spots.

Almost immediately he was thrilled to find that paddling relieved his achy shoulders and couldn’t wait to come back and do it again.  The aches went away, and he started thinking about getting a kayak for himself.  We spent hours together going down the rabbit hole on our respective computers, comparing features of potential candidates.  Limited by storage, he ultimately decided on a top-of-the-line inflatable Kayak.  This was not your rubber dingy type of boat.  Oh no. What he chose was almost 13’ long and as hard sided as a regular kayak when inflated, and it was FAST.  Now I was following him around and he was having to slow down to accommodate my pace.

We all get flyers in the mail from real estate agents who know without a shadow of a doubt they can sell our house; sure you can, but, where I am going to live? I’ve had tons of correspondence from car dealers trying to buy a car I no longer own.  Yesterday my sister-in-law got one of these and was about to crumple it up.  I asked her if she’d thought about trading her two-year-old Civic for a new one and potentially getting a very good deal.  Because of the way the market is right now dealers badly need used cars.  They have no inventory due to supply chain issues.

Five hours later, I got a phone call from her…. she was driving home in a new car!

Several years ago, BMW came out with a marvelous burnt orangy/red M4 and I happened to see one on the road.  I described to my boss, in great glowing terms what I’d seen and pulled up this burnt orangy color on the internet.  There were only 3 of this model and color in the country and in three days, my boss owned one. This is the most influence I’ve ever had on anyone to the tune of $115,000.  I was told (threatened) to never, ever tell my boss or show him any more cars that I liked.

This emerging “talent” of mine is not that I’d make a super salesperson.  But that when I truly believe something is an excellent idea or product, I can sell the hell out of it.  Would someone please pay me for being an influencer?



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