Struggling with memory loss

I used to post this on Facebook every year but since I don't use Facebook anymore,  I thought I'd share it here.  I know that my issue doesn't affect any of you since I've known you all for less than a year but,  if it makes it easier to share something like this with those in your orbit,  it's worth it.....
Hi everyone.  I have a confession to make.  This will be the first time that I've said this publicly and one of the very few times that I've spoken of it at all.  
In the last few weeks,  I've had occasion to speak with a few people that have made me aware that not disclosing this could,  at times,  be misinterpreted as rude and I don't want that.  
In 1999, i began having issues with remembering numbers.  I could not remember a 4 digit number for more than a few seconds and it was gone. I went to the doctor [which was and is very rare for me]  my doctor found that i had an infection in my brain.  It was a very simple cure.  7 days of antibiotics and the infection was gone.  Unfortunately, another thing that was gone was my ability to remember people that I had known for years.  I found that I could not match names to faces.  
I withdrew for a while because I didn't want to be embarrassed for not remembering people that I should have remembered.  I got over that.  Maybe a little too easily.  
The good news is that all of my memories are not gone.  It's pretty much just names that I forgot.  I can piece together people's names if I am able to match them to an event or occasion.  
I am telling this now so that if I don't remember someone they know that it's not because they aren't valuable to me or that I just don't care enough to remember them.  
I hate this flaw in myself but I can't really help it.  And I just want my friends to know. 
Now,  if we have interacted or met since 1999, i remember you.  This condition only exists for memories predating the infection. 
If you've read this whole post,  thank you.  Hopefully this answers some questions raised by a couple of my friends who will remain nameless unless they choose to comment.
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