The collapse of economic awareness

I'm sure most of you know all this but the supply chain is much in the news lately and the people talking about it clearly have no idea what they're talking about.  Or,  maybe they do but are just lying.  Either way, bad information is being given to people that might still have trouble understanding even if they had good information.  But,  as always,  ignorance breeds confidence.  
A very smug nurse,  informed me that supply chains could be repaired immediately if Republicans would just stop fighting vaccine mandates. 
This led to the obvious question... how so? 
Since she obviously had no idea,  she chose to be a typical nurse and tell me that she didn't have time to "spoon feed" me economic basics.  
Of course,  this doesn't address her claim but what did I expect?  Reason? Logic? From a nurse?  Not really. 
I asked her the simple question "how does a US vaccine mandate pull the Italian tomato farmer out of bankruptcy? "
Of course,  she hadn't a clue,  but why would she?  All she'd bothered to learn about the "supply chain " was the phrase "supply chain " and that it was somehow the fault of US Republicans.  
Economic illiteracy is reaching pandemic levels and the human cost will be greater than the most fevered projections of the human cost of Covid-19.  
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