The circular firing squad of the left

Today's "cancel mobs" are creating the mechanism of their own demise and are too stupid to see it. 
We all know their MO.  If someone is found to have violated current subjective moral norms in the past,  it is perfectly permissible to deny them employment or status in society.  And they see nothing wrong with this.  
Here's the problem.  What if they run afoul of the monster they have created? 
Let's say that in 15 years,  society has begun to see human trafficking as the moral abomination that it actually is.  Let's also say that it's repeated often that Donald Trump was the only president in recent memory to place a focus on combating human trafficking.  
Using the monster that they have created,  it's perfectly plausible that in 15 years,  anyone that was in vocal opposition to Donald Trump in 2020 was,  in fact,  an apologist for human trafficking. 
AND,  since they were on board with human trafficking,  they should be denied a job ,  the ability to speak on public platforms,  the qualification to run for office and so on.
Will they sing the same tune then as they do now?  Somehow,  I doubt it.  
Posted in Default Category on September 25 2021 at 06:12 AM

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