My vaccine journey: a moving target

This may come as a bit of a surprise but I hope you'll hear me out.  I've decided to take the Moderna version of the covid vaccine.  
I have been a staunch opponent of receiving the covid vaccination for months.  
However,  i think i have been an opponent for irrational reasons. (I'm describing my own process.    I'm NOT saying it's irrational to resist this vaccine) 
As an American,  i hate being told what to do.  Especially when it's something as personal as injecting a chemical into my body.  
 I distrust all the handwringing and shaming surrounding this vaccine.  I despise the people that litter social with with condemnations and accusations of the "unvaccinated". 
For months,  I have resisted this vaccine because the social pressure seemed like evidence of authoritarianism.  
This has made a rational decision very hard for me to make.  
In the end,  here are the metrics that I considered:
Cases of covid have increased exponentially since July. 
Those hospitalized are predominantly unvaccinated.  
The chances that one will die of covid remain staggeringly low.  
HOWEVER,  the chances of dying of covid after having been vaccinated are virtually non existent. 
Being hospitalized with covid after having been vaccinated is statistically unlikely.  
Virtually all deaths from covid occur in a medical treatment facility. 
Yes,  there are adverse reactions.  There always are.  These reactions are statistically insignificant (unless they happen to you) 
So,  my goal is to protect myself from entering a hospital.  I fear THAT more than covid and I fear covid more (now)  than adverse reactions to the vaccine. 
With that in mind,  I've chosen the Moderna version because it appears to have a stronger efficacy over time.  
I'm sure there are some of you that think I'm making a mistake.  I respect your opinion but I ask that you respect mine.  I'm not here to tell you what decision YOU should make.  I'm just telling you the reasons that I've made my decision.  
I remain steadfast in opposition to mandates,  incentives,  social pressure and shaming.  
I've just decided that the thing that accomplishes my goals the best is the Moderna version of the vaccine.  
Please see my blog from just 2 weeks ago where I outlined reasons why I chose not to get the vaccine.  Those are all still perfectly valid reasons.  What's changed?  Simple.  Hospitals and the people that work in them now scare me more than the vaccine.  It's a change in priority.  That's all.  
Sorry for being so long winded and thanks for reading this far.  
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