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They won't be happy until all small businesses die

I'm so frustrated with Dallas county.  They are putting us in an untenable position as business owners. 
They are forcing  us to be the unpaid enforcement wing of their arbitrary and useless mask mandates.  
They make us tell OUR customers how they MUST behave in public.  
The problem is,  most of us have clients that feel really strongly about these mandates on both sides. 
We need every client and when we have a county government that's FORCING us to alienate SOMEONE,  it's not right.  
Oh,  I know.  I can hear the choruses now.  One side said says "make them wear a mask.  Wearing is caring "  or some such bullshit.  Or the other side,  "tell em to go to hell.. or protect your rights"
Well,  I'm here to tell you that none of that shit matters when when you need both sides to stave off a business failure.  
Don't get me wrong,  I'll survive this.  I survived government overreach before.  But this... this is new.  They are toying with the mental well being of half my client base.  And next month,  it'll be the other half.  
Ok,  rants over.  Sorry about the PG13 language.  
Posted in Default Category on August 11 2021 at 08:28 PM

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