My reasons why not.

I'm doing this as a blog post because I have some things I want to say that won't fit on a meme or slogan type post. 
It's about my position on the vaccine. 
It's no secret that I haven't gotten it and that I don't intend to get it.  
Before I get in to what my reasons are. Let me say what they aren't. 
I'm not a person that thinks covid isn't real.  I DO.  I'm not a person that denies that SOME people die when they get covid.  They DO.  I'm not "anti science" (whatever that means). I don't think THIS vaccine is deadly on a wide scale.  I don't think there are nefarious intentions with THIS vaccine. 
So,  that being said,  the reasons I'm not planning on being vaccinated are:
1) I have made the calculation for myself that I'M more likely to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine than I am to die or become seriously ill with covid.  
2) I've already had covid so I am in the same boat,  if not better,  as those vaccinated people. 
3) I do not trust the people that want me to get this vaccine.  
4)I refuse to acknowledge the unfounded premise that unvaccinated people are a threat to vaccinated people.  
5) I refuse to accept the greatest lie of all, that asymptomatic people spread covid.  
I'm willing to concede that any of the reasons I've listed are wrong if given ACTUAL EVIDENCE.
The problem is that all I get when I ask for evidence is scorn,  ridicule,  self righteous platitudes and irrelevant analogies.  
These will not make me change my mind and will,  in fact,  strengthen my decision. 
If I keep asking for one thing and the person I'm asking keeps giving me something else,  it's logical for me to conclude that they simply don't have what I've requested.  
The extent to which Americans are refusing this covid vaccine are,  in no small part,  a direct result of the FACT that politicians at every level,  public health officials, news media propagandists and the gullible blowhards that believe them have hectored and pestered them with zero evidence but tons of emotive and irrelevant red herrings. 
Many Americans are fed up and they just don't believe these people anymore. And it's the fault of the liars not the lied to.  
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