Letter from the real world

Open letter to the left
Dear sanctimonious leftists, 
You jackasses have really got to stop pretending you are  counter culture freedom fighters.  You HAVE to stop pretending that you are fighting against the establishment. 
You are just delusional.  You ARE the establishment.  Being a leftist is the safest ideology in 21st century America.  EVERY powerful institution in this country backs you up.  The media,  academia,  the white house,  the house of representatives,  the Senate,  most of the supreme court,  big tech,  big pharma,  pro sports,  the alphabet soup of government agencies and big businesses like Coke and McDonalds.  Nike and Walmart.  
You aren't brave when you risk nothing and you sanctimonious blowhards risk nothing.  
Quit posing.  Quit pretending.  You aren't fighting fascists,  you ARE fascists.  It's time someone told you.  
Posted in Default Category on April 06 2021 at 10:24 AM

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